Designed For Your Downtime

A self-care brand focused on a revolution within yourself, MIRROR WATER helps you cultivate rituals of relaxation that are especially designed for your downtime. Feel grounded, calm, and relaxed with this tranquillity-boosting collection for your mind and body.

Rituals To Link Bodycare To Mental Health

Founded by Estée Lalonde, a Creative Director originally from Canada but now living in London, MIRROR WATER is a product of Estée’s desire to help people incorporate body care into their daily routines as rituals of self-care.

Estée became well-known after beginning her digital creative career on YouTube and has swiftly built up an empire in the beauty, lifestyle, and wellness community. MIRROR WATER is her most recent project where Estée has set out to create a lifestyle community focused on self-reflection, whilst building a space for people that value vulnerability and introspection.

With ingredients like vetiver, cedarwood, bergamot, and Canadian black spruce, the mindful formulations allow you to feel restful and grounded.

“I'm thrilled to announce the launch of MIRROR WATER on Face the Future. We're excited to help lead the bath and body category and hero body care as an element of self-care.” - Estée Lalonde

Face the Future is an authorised stockist of MIRROR WATER. Their product range is available to buy online or by phone on 0113 282 7744.

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MIRROR WATER The Ready Set GiftMIRROR WATER The Ready Set Gift
MIRROR WATER The Ready Set Gift

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The Ultimate Self-Care Experience With MIRROR WATER

An Interview With Founder, Estee Lalonde

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MIRROR WATER Soak Bath SaltsMIRROR WATER Soak Bath Salts
MIRROR WATER Soak Bath Salts

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How Do I Use The MIRROR WATER Soak Bath Salts In My Self-Care Routine?

Get ready to up your self-care with this 100% naturally derived bath soak. Formulated with a superhero blend of three varieties of mineral-rich bathing salts, you will be provided with the most restful environment. Invigorating your senses with essential oils, as the salts dissolve you won't want to do self-care without MIRROR WATER again.

To use this product, dissolve a handful or two of the bath salts into a warm bath and soak for as long as you need to. For maximum results soak in warm water and follow with MIRROR WATER SMOOTH Body Oil on damp skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The fragrance blends essential oils such as Vetiver, Cedarwood, Canadian Black Spruce, and Bergamot.

Yes, every product and ingredient is vegan and cruelty-free.

MIRROR WATER products are gender-neutral. Since skin reactions to ingredients, especially essential oils, can differ, they suggest you patch test before using each product. For any specific allergies or concerns, please consult a doctor.

MIRROR WATER products primarily consist of natural or nature-derived ingredients. They ensure top-quality sourcing and fully understand the origins of their ingredients.