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Microbiome Science For Healthy Skin

Founded by Rob Calcraft, who co-founded REN, Cultured Biomecare harnesses the power of FutureFerments™ - next-generation formulas that took countless formulations along with years of research before reaching the market.

Designed to provide extra support where your skin needs it the most, the collection treats your skin like the ecosystem that it is to encourage the perfect environment for healthier, stronger skin that’s less prone to blemishes and dryness.

Packed with prebiotics, postbiotics, and the brand’s FutureFerments™, the formulas nurture and strengthen all skin types – all without disrupting your skin’s natural balance.

How Does Cultured Skincare Work?

The Cultured range works to support your skin’s microbiome – fortifying it and optimising resilience whilst helping your skin to rebalance itself.

The formulas activate the cells deeper within your skin using microbiome-based actives that boost your skin’s ability to repair and renew itself, along with its ability to protect itself. By up regulating your skin’s performance, it dramatically increases your skin’s quality, leading to a complexion that looks more radiant and youthful.

Face the Future is an authorised stockist of Cultured Biomecare. Their product range is available to buy online or by phone on 0113 282 7744.

For a truly bespoke skincare service or advice on the best Cultured Biomecare products for your skin, talk to one of our skincare experts via phone or email, or complete our online real-time skin test.

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Microbiome Science For Healthy Skin

A Guide To Cultured Biomecare

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Soothe And Calm Your Skin With Cultured Biomecare Biome-Calm Cream

Soothe and restore your skin with this comforting cream.

Powerful fermented actives work their magic to rebuild your skin's natural barrier and nurture your microbiome. The replenishing formula visibly reduces redness and calms irritation, leaving your skin feeling comfortable, restored, and glowing with health. Engineered with the perfect pH level for even the most sensitive skin, this cream is the ideal solution for achieving balanced, radiant beauty.

For the best results, apply the cream both in the morning and in the evening to your clean, dry skin. Don't forget your neck.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Skip the complexity, achieve healthy skin. Cultured's future-focused skincare simplifies your routine, treating your skin, microbiome, and the planet with kindness. No more unnecessary steps – just a streamlined regime for powerful, effective results. Embrace healthy, glowing skin with Cultured.

FutureFerments™ -are next-generation, bio-fermented actives. This unique complex harnesses the power of fermentation to create potent ingredients, delivering powerful results in every Cultured formula.

Yes, Culture Biomecare products are cruelty free.

Yes, Culture Biomecare products are 100% vegan.