Protecting Our Planet

We believe in focusing on the things that matter, whilst getting it right first time, so we can make choices that have the greatest impact for you and our world.

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Our Sustainability Statement

"Here at Face the Future, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and achieving a more sustainable future. Our ethos centres around meeting the needs of our customers without compromising the planet for future generations. We believe that everyone has a role to play and therefore we pledge to continually review, question and challenge ourselves and those that are part of our Face the Future community to make improvements that foster a more sustainable future."

Julia, Co-Owner at Face The Future

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How Will We Do This?

Make sustainable purchases wherever we can.

Challenge our suppliers on their sustainability agenda.

Make decisions not just on demand and price but on the impact this has on our environment.

Work towards 100% recyclable packaging and inserts.

Reduce our waste and pollution output and recycle as much waste as possible with dedicated recycle bins.

Use technology to reduce the need to travel.

Work with partners who share the same values on sustainability.

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Our Recyclable Packaging

We recently made the switch from bubble wrap to Ranpak Fillpak TT paper to keep your beauty hauls safe during delivery. We also use biodegradable, recyclable gummed paper tape to secure your order before it leaves our warehouse.

Key Benefits of Ranpak Fillpak TT paper:

Made from renewable sources.


Super easy to recycle.

In the first 12 weeks of switching to Ranpak Fillpak TT paper, we saved enough energy to: charge 81,874 smartphones or drive 1593 miles in an average passenger vehicle!

Recycling Beauty

Live more sustainably and get into the habit of recycling your empty skincare and haircare products with our handy guides below. We also answer your most common beauty recycling questions, here.

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Supporting Global Forestry Projects With EcoCart

We have partnered with EcoCart to give you the opportunity to make your orders Carbon Neutral, so you can be more sustainable as you shop. By selecting the EcoCart option at the checkout, you will help to fund a variety of forestry-based carbon offset projects, from reforestation to protection and improved forest management all across the globe. It's pretty simple: the more trees and plants we protect around the world, the more carbon we absorb from the atmosphere, the healthier our planet becomes.

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