Welcome to The Skinsider Club

More products = more savings! Join our tier-based Skinsider Rewards Club and start earning points to save £ on future purchases today! Plus, enjoy all the FREE benefits of each tier. Will you reach certified Skintellectual status?

It’s simple, the more you spend, the more savings you will receive and the higher the tier you will be in. You keep your assigned tier for 12 months or until you unlock the next tier (whichever comes first).

We’ve Almost Reached The Big 100,000!

We have some exciting news! We’re thrilled to announce that our Skinsider Rewards Club is nearing a major milestone: 100,000 members! To celebrate this huge achievement, we’re going to be giving a special gift to our 100,000th Skinsider member.

Win A Skincare And Self-Care Prize!

Our lucky winner will not only be crowned as our 100,000th Skinsider member, but they’ll also receive a huge bundle of special prizes:

- Free video or in-clinic consultation with your full product routine gifted to you.

- Instant promotion to our top tier: The Skintellectual where you can enjoy all the rewards without the £650 spending threshold.

- 2,500 points to secure you the top discount: 20%.

- Free multibrand goody bag worth over £180.

Want to be in with a chance to be our lucky winner? Simply become a Skinsider member today. Good luck! 

Skinsider Rewards Club: Good To Know

If you join the Face The Future Rewards Club today, it's easy to start earning points instantly! All you need to do is create your account and you will automatically receive 500 points. Scroll down to savvy up on the other ways you can earn points, too.

We want to reward you for the dedication you put into your skin and self-care journey. Collecting points is super easy and completely hassle-free. There are multiple ways you can earn points, from simply making an order to following us on Instagram. Scroll up to 'EARN POINTS' to see the full list of ways to build your points up.

Your loyalty deserves to be rewarded. Once you have joined our Rewards Club, you can log in to your account at any time to check up on how many points you have earned. Once you hit 800 points, you can exchange these points for a discount voucher (or work your way up to a higher discount - just view the "Rewards" section for details!) money off your next Face The Future order during checkout!

You will be able to redeem your points once you've acquired 800 points (the value of the first discount voucher). When logged in to your account, simply click "Get reward" underneath your desired voucher. Copy your voucher code and use this at checkout to redeem your discount!

If you've clicked "get reward" on one of the discount vouchers, you'll be given a one time code to copy and use at checkout. If you misplace this code, simply head to your account page for a reminder.

Once a voucher has been created for you, your points cannot be returned to your account. Additionally, if an order is cancelled that used a loyalty voucher, these points cannot be returned to your account. Rewards vouchers can be used on all products excluding Gift Cards and SkinCeuticals.

If you are creating an account for the first time, you will automatically be placed in to 'The Admirer' tier. Remember, if you create an account within 30 days of your last order you'll these points will be backdated and deposited into your account!

You keep your assigned tier for 12 months or until you unlock the next tier (whichever comes first!) so, reach the minimum spend of the next tier and you'll move up immediately. Please note, you will move down a tier and receive the appropriate rewards if you've not reached the required spend level over the course of 12 months.

Points for purchases will be approved 14 days after the purchase date and your points are valid for 12 months following your last Face The Future purchase.

Points will expire if you have not made a purchase within 12 months. For example, if your last purchase was the 1st January, your points would expire on the 1st January the following year. You will typically receive an email 2 weeks before your points are due to expire to remind you about this.

If you purchase at any point over the course of the 12 months, the expiry date will be extended. E.g. If your next purchase was the 1st July, the new points expiry date would be 1st July the following year.

If your points expire, they cannot be re-activated.

You currently have an option to redeem a 6%, 11%, or 20% discount voucher. View the 'Rewards' section to see how many points you need to redeem your desired voucher.

Once you’ve completed your purchase, a popup appears for you to share a referral link with your friend. Your friend should click your referral link, an offer and voucher code will be revealed. Alternatively, log in to your account and click the 'complete activity' section below to send your referral link.

Your 'Refer a friend' discount code can be redeemed a maximum of five times before it expires. Once it's expired, you must then refer another friend to receive a new discount code. Referral reward credited to your account after 14 days.

Rewards points are strictly for online purchases only. Purchases made via our clinic will not be eligible for points.

Surprise gift redemption information will be sent via email, please ensure you are opted into to receive marketing emails so you don't miss out.

One surprise gift per "Skintellectual" per year.

Birthday gift redemption information will be sent via email, please ensure you are opted into to receive marketing emails so you don't miss out.

One birthday gift per customer per year.

Face The Future reserve the right to make amendments to the features, activities and incentives within the loyalty programme. This includes (but is not limited to) points provided per £1 spent, rewards that are available in exchange for points, and what incentives are available within each loyalty tier.

It's currently not possible to redeem your loyalty points or the vouchers you exchange your points for on the following brands: SkinCeuticals, LYMA Laser